Consolidation on the world market for window machinery


Market for window machinery accounts for 1 billion €.

photo Interconnection Consulting

Market for window machinery accounts for 1 billion €.

Profile bar machining centres generate biggest revenues.

photoInterconnection Consulting

Profile bar machining centres generate biggest revenues.

The global market for window machinery for PVC, steel and metal has grown by 2.1% in 2016 and has so far reached a market volume of 1.019 billion Euros.

According to Interconnection Consulting, European markets have an accumulated market share of 43.9%, followed by the USA + Canada, which accounts for 30.0% of the world market. The year 2016 was characterized by company mergers.

» Every fifth Euro will be Implemented in Central and Eastern Europe

The global market for window machinery for PVC, steel and metal has grown by 2.1% in 2016 and has so far reached a market volume of 1.019 billion Euros. The reason for the growth is the stabilization of the European window market. This year it has experienced growth for the second time in a row since 2008. This market stabilization gives the window producers sufficient certainty to invest in machinery again. The fastest growing markets are the GAS region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) as well as Eastern Europe, which are expected to grow by 5.3% each year and are worth 20.2% of the global market share. Negative growth rates are recorded in Southern Europe, the Middle East and the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States.

» Money Lies in Profile Bar Machining Centers

The product group of profile bar machining centers represents the largest product group. Almost every second Euro that is implemented in this sector is earned here as well. 25.4% is then used for the sale of fully automated throughfeed machines. Cutting machines make up the second largest product group with a market share of 18.2%. According to Interconnection Consulting, 6.166 single head cutting-off machines and 4.081 double head cutting-off machines are sold worldwide. CNC cutting centers play a subordinate role on the market due to the relatively high average price. It is also interesting to look at the segment of welding machines. The regional market share of this product group increases with the spread of produced PVC windows. The CIS region has the worlds largest market share of welding machines (25.4%).

» German-Italian Merger Creates a Major Heavyweight

The difficult market environment of the past years has not left the industry unaffected. The German company Elumatec was taken over by the Italian CIFIN Group at the beginning of the year, which has made it a regular heavyweight. One month later, in February 2016, Rotox took over the German competitor AFS Federhenn. According to Dennis Rauen, author of the study, both acquisitions reflect the continuously difficult market environment within the market.
The industry is characterized by a high market presence among German and Italian companies. Of the 56 companies analyzed in the study, 20 are from one of these two countries. In addition, they account for eight of the top ten on the world market, with an accumulated market share of 51.7%. Turkish companies are also strongly represented in the market, but they serve the segments of non-automated products and are not necessarily represented in markets with low labor costs.

» Eastern Europeans Are Hanging on the Drip-Feed of the European Regional Policy

Over the forecast period 2015-2019, the market will grow by an average of 2.1% per year. India has the strongest growth rate at 3.8%, but is a relatively small market. The development in Eastern Europe, in particular Poland, where the window construction has changed in recent years, is different. We will have to wait and see how subsidies will develop in the European regional policy, as investments from Eastern European window builders have been strongly subsidized in recent years. This is all the more important for the sustained growth of the GAS region as well as USA & Canada, which will grow on average by 3.3% and 2.8% per annum.

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