» Advanced Listing (Your company on the portal)

Get a professional company profile and make a powerful impact. This service features a control panel which enables you to add or edit: company logo, full contact details (headquarters and dealers + map), realizations (projects), photos, product descriptions and presentations and job advertisements. Your company’s logo and contact details will be attached to each publication. Checking statistics of the campaign is also available.

» Emailing

Email marketing is a perfect solution to maintain the link between the advertisers and recipients. It gives you an opportunity to expand interest of your products. By sending emails to all our portal users, you reach specific target group. All our users agree to receive emails which bear a footer with a link enabling the recipients to verify the authenticity of messages (no SPAM). The on-line statistics (number of emails sent and received and emails and links clicks) are also available. Weight: 100 kB; format: html + gif, jpg.

» Halfpage

Halfpage ad is a large branding unit designed for larger screen sizes. It is placed in the upper part of right page column. Its extremely large size attracts viewers' attention and makes an easy way to present products. When the ad is clicked, a user is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Size: 300x600 px; weight: 60 kB; format: jpg, gif, png.

» Wideboard

A graphical rectangle placed in the middle-top of the website (under the header of the website). It is bigger than a standard billboard and its main advantage is location which in a natural way attracts viewers' attention. It assures high views and enables the performance of interesting campaigns. It also provides additional space for creation. When users click on an ad, they are redirected to the advertiser's website. Size: 1900x200 px (scaled down to match screen's width when necessary); weight: 80 kB; format: jpg, gif, png.

» Expandbox

An interactive box which is placed in the center of the page. It expands for 6 seconds (giving advertisers extra space for promotion and presentation of their products and services) and then closes and works as a teaser which increase the overall attractiveness. Expandbox allows better presentation of large products. When the ad is clicked, a user is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Size: 375x50 px (375x300 px after expanding); weight: 60 kB; format: jpg, gif, png.

» Skyscraper

A tall and narrow banner placed to the right of the main content on the page, offering an advertiser a large space for a message. It allows all or part of the ad to be visible even when the user scrolls down the window. When users click on a skyscraper ad, they are redirected to the advertiser's website. This ad is exclusively placed on each of the website's subportals, such as windows, facades & winter gardens, glass etc. Size: 160x600 px; weight: 60 kB; format: gif, jpg, swf.

» Sponsored Article (Advertorial)

This service allows the advertiser to present an article on the website according to individual choice. All the components (text, images, video etc.) are provided by the advertiser. is not responsible for the content of the article. The article is placed on the main website for a month and on one specific subpage for two months. Sponsored article must be marked as an advertisement according to Art. 36.3 of Polish Press Law. It has to have up to 10 000 characters and 3 graphics.

» Scroller (Scroll Footer)

A strip containing an ad which is located at the bottom of the page. It always remains visible because it moves itself up and down each time a user scrolls the page. The scroller can contain text and graphic elements (both static and dynamic). A user is redirected to the advertiser’s website when the scroller is clicked. This ad is exclusively placed on each of the website's subportals. Size: 1280x30 px; weight: 30 kB; format: gif, jpg.

» Wallpaper (Skin)

This ad is made of a static image on both sides of the webpage containing advertiser’s logo, product or key messaging. It provides the highest level of brand awareness and serves as a non-clickable advertising. It is exclusively placed on each of the website's subportals. Size: 30 kB; format: gif, jpg.

» Content Ad

An eye-catching rectangular graphic ad which is directly placed within the editorial content of the website and thus attracts the reader's attention. A perfect ad for developing brand image and product presentation. Size: 500x200 px; weight: 50 kB; format: gif, jpg, swf.

» Rectangle

A big and noticable ad which appears on the left or right side of the page. You can’t miss it. It also offers additional awareness through integration into the site structure. Size: 360x160 px; weight: 40 kB; format: gif, jpg, swf.

» Okno Ad

An ad which grabs the viewer's attention as much as an interesting press release. It appears in rotation with other ads and occurs in various forms on the site or forum. When clicked upon, it leads the searcher to any place on the internet (in most cases to the advertiser's website). This ad offers pay-per-click feature. It means you are charged only when someone is interested enough to click your ad. Size: 150x150 px; title and preview up to 50 characters.

» Expandstrip

An ad which expands to a large size by moving the mouse pointer over the ad. It is placed exclusively under each subportal. It is exclusively placed on each of the website's subportals. When the ad is clicked, a user is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Size: 790x30 px (790x300 px after expanding); weight: 60 kB; format: jpg, gif, png.

» Top Newsletter

A newsletter allows readers to stay up to date with the latest news and events that are impacting joinery industry. With the Top Newsletter ad, your news is always placed on top of the newsletter. Additionally, a colourful  framed box is put around the text to make your news even more visible. The newsletter is sent weekly to 8 thousand companies from our database.

» Sector Leader

This ad is made of expandstrip, skyscraper and wallpaper and is placed exclusively on one of the subportals (windows, suppliers, glass etc.). A perfect tool to increase recognition in one particular place.



All advertisements assigned to be placed on WindoorExpert must be prepared according to the ergonomic guidelines and technical specification for advertisements to be published on the WindoorExpert may check the advertisements for technical compliance with the specifications and reserves the right to remove or stop any advertisement which is not prepared according to the rules.

Display of the advertisement by does not automatically mean that WindoorExpert accepts that such advertisement is provided in accordance with the specifications.

WindoorExpert decides about the functionality of its websites and while designing takes into account user experience. Thus, reserves the right to reject or stop broadcasting any advertisement, if it is considered annoying or harmful to portal users.


All types of advertising

The following rules apply for all ad formats in Additionally, detailed specifications listed hereinafter are applicable for each individual ad format.

1. Naming files

a) Advertising materials (files) should be named in following schema: advertiser/campaign name_ banner-type_size.extension e. g. : windoorexpert_sky_160x600.swf or banner_size.extension e. g. : billboard_750x100.gif.

b) File names cannot contain spaces or national specific characters.

2. Deadlines for files delivery

a) All materials must be delivered at least 3 days before the start of campaign. Rich media and 3rd party adservers ads - at least 5 days before the start of campaign.

b) Flash, html and rich media formats should be delivered also with substitute creative in one of the following graphic formats: jpg, gif, animated gif, in order to display them in browsers which do not support advanced file formats mentioned above.

c) Zip is the one and only compressed file format which is acceptable in WindoorExpert.

3. Users data privacy

a) Interaction tracing scripts are forbidden.

b) Ad cannot change or read cookie files.

c) During campaign advertiser can collect data concerning users, but at any time there must be WindoorExpert acceptation. Advertiser must also inform WindoorExpert:

- what kind of data will be collected,

- what is the purpose of collecting data,

- how long data will be stored,

- if and what kind of other companies will have access to data and in which range will they entitled to use data.

d) On grounds of foregoing information, windoorexpert consents to collecting and usage of users data. Advertiser ensures that any of data collected during campaign on WindoorExpert websites will not serve any other purpose, that declared.

e) Without WindoorExpert agreement data collected by advertiser cannot be used to retargetting campaign or identification users in any other way in other advertiser’s campaigns.

4. Advertisement cannot cause errors and warnings

5. During display, the advertisements cannot disrupt the operation of the webpage

6. Audio in advertisements

a) Audio can be initiated only by user click.

b) In some cases sound can be initiated by mouseover. Every creative with audio initialized after mousover should contain visible information of audio being played e.g. “roll over to turn on sound”.

- in case of expandable advertisements audio can be initiated at the same moment as the advertisement expands (by click or roll over the mouse). Audio should turn off when the advertisement returns to its initial size.

c) Every advertisement with audio should contain well-defined buttons to turn on and turn off the sound.

d) Audio files should be stored on WindoorExpert servers. The advertiser is entirely responsible for technical preparation of the creative, audio file and their proper functioning.

7. Expanding advertisements

a) Advertisements can be expanded to standard expand sizes only on click or mouseover.

b) Advertisements can return to initial size on click or mouse-off.

8. Close button

a) Close button should always be situated near to the ad. Clicking on close buttons causes closing the ad (over-the-page ads) or sending the ad back to the original slot (scroll ads).

9. Advertisements which do not meet this requirements will be considered by WindoorExpert individually

SWF (Adobe Flash)

1. Only advertisements saved as Macromedia Flash 10.0 or earlier are accepted.

2. If the background colour of a banner is not transparent, the background should be included in form of a single-colour rectangle in the bottom layer.

3. If the graphic does not fills whole available space of the ad (e.g. billboard with round corners), it is recommended to place on the lowest layer the background, which same dimension as the original ad format.

4. Clickthrough URLs (destination site URL, where a user is redirected on clicking) are required together with swf files.

5. Destination URL (clickthrough URL) cannot be entered directly into swf file. It should be provided separately. Otherwise, clicks will not be counted.

6. If animation is not looped than stop()action should be added in the last frame.

7. The maximum flash animation frequency is 25 fps (frames per second). Recommended frequency is 18 fps.

8. CPU load

a) Any advertisement cannot slow the system performance to the extent that it impedes the functioning of other applications. The CPU load is determined on a standard

2.0 GHz processor with Flash Player v. 8.0 installed.

b) The maximum CPU load of ads constantly displayed on the webpage (banners, skyscrapers, rectangles – standard, scrollable and expandable etc.) cannot exceed 30% on a standard processor specified in point 9.

c) Any advertisement which can be closed by a user (toplayers, brandmarks, e-spots, etc.) cannot exceed 40% on a standard processor specified in point 9.

d) A temporary increase of CPU load of standard processor specified in point 9 above is acceptable up to 60% for ads constantly displayed on the webpage and up to 80% for the closable ads, only if it lasts maximum 2 seconds and appears only once in animation loop and full animation loop cannot exceed 10 seconds.

9. It is recommended that flash copies are provided with source files (fla) and appropriate fonts. It helps in testing ads and fixing bugs, if necessary.

10. The swf file cannot be protected from debugging.

11. Advertisement must contain a layer with the button with defined action:

on (release) {

getURL(clickTag, target);


Elements of SWF creative inducing unnecessary increase of CPU load

1. Many actions onClipEvent(enterFrame)running at the same time: actions onEnterFrame or onClipEvent(enterFrame) are run periodically on every frame of the movie. If flash is of 25 frames per second (fps), the script is being run 25 times per second. In most cases such frequency is not needed and onEnterFrame is used unnecessarily. Much better effects may be achieved by using setInterval, function, than by the frequency of running the script may be set at for example 2 times per second. It is a common fault to let the script run, even if its function is already performed. It induces unnecessary CPU load.

2. Animation of complicated vector shapes: vector shapes containing a great number of vertexes – over 100. Usually, such vector objects should be exported to a bitmap and reimported. Higher efficiency is guaranteed.

3. Animation of objects of many gradients: It results from the point 2. The object with gradient filler is complicated if it has more than 30 vertexes.

4. Simultaneous animation of many objects: in practice, simultaneous animation of 6-7 objects may result in a noticeable decrease of efficiency.

5. Excessive using of Alpha effect: it concerns the multiple overlapping of partially transparent elements. The player must render every element in sequence in every frame and calculate the average transparency even if the elements are static. Similarly as in the point 2 good results may be achieved by converting the object into a bitmap.


1. HTML code cannot exceed 3 kB.

2.  Advertisement should contain maximum two graphic files (images).

3. HTML forms should use ‘GET’ method.

4. Due to its diversity HTML source codes are subject to prior revision and approval by

5. HTML source code cannot contain:



1. Scripts altering browser window size and position are forbidden.

2. Interaction tracing scripts are forbidden.

3. JavaScript code should not exceed 3 kB.

4. Advertisement should contain maximum 2 graphic files (images).

5. Forms must use ‘GET’ method.

6. Because of code diversity, all JavaScript codes are subject to prior revision and approval by

7. Source code cannot directly handle global events. e.g. window.onload.

8. Source code cannot contain <html><head></head><body></body></html> tags.


1. Acceptable file formats: gif, jpg or png.