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Moduł Z-TS/G-TS

Z-TS/G-TS module

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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The Z-TS/G-TS MACO PROTECT module meets a wide range of requirements. Standardised installation procedures go hand-in-hand with full flexibility regarding the height of the multi-point locking system. The Z-TS/G-TS PROTECT module offers a technically perfect solution for any door height (up to 3100 mm). No additional headaches with storage capacity or installation times. The Z-TS/G-TS PROTECT module can be used in timber, PVC or aluminium front doors. The basic standard for the Z-TS/G-TS PROTECT module door lock is the hook&bolt combination with triple-point locking system.

Benefits for end users:

  • high-level security with hook&bolt combination locks made of solid steel;
  • provides additional protection against  distortion of the door leaf when locked;
  • even for very tall front doors (up to 3100 mm), the PROTECT module effectively counteracts any
  • door-leaf distortion over the long term when  locked;
  • effortless operation of the door lock, even at high gasket compression;
  • the following modules can be retrofitted in the Z-TS/G-TS PROTECT module system: door turn-
  • restrictors, magnetic cams, additional locks and hook&bolt locking systems;
  • easy to retrofit, upgrade or replace components in existing door systems;
  • burglary-resistance grade up to RC 3 according to EN 1627 - 30.

Advantages for manufacturers:

  • standardised hinge with few module variants;
  • savings on storage space and logistics thanks to compact, easy-to-store modules;
  • reduced effort and cost reductions thanks to uniform routings (uniform case);
  • use of commercially available, pre-stamped reinforcements possible.




MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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