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Podnośniki próżniowe do szkła - Righetti

Vacuum Glass Lifters - Righetti

Glass Land Ltd.
More information about Glass Land

In our offer you may find a great range of vaccum glass lifters from Righetti company. The vacuum lifter is a lifting device, which, thanks to the vacuum created by a vacuum generator, permits fast and easy attachment, lifting and handling of sheets of glass. The vacuum is created by a vacuum generator supplied with electric pump ( AC/DC or battery powered ) or compressed air ( pneumatic Venturi system). The structure of vacuum lifters for glass may be fixed, tilting 0°-90° or rotating 360°. In relation to the weigth of the material to be lift, the vacuum lifters are comprised of two, four, six or more vacuum pads. Many models are available with extension or adjustable arms that offer a variety of pad configurations to accommodate different load dimensions.

In our offer there are many available models with different number of suction cups, adjustable shoulders and the various possibilities of extension arms that offer different configurations of blocks to accommodate different load dimensions.

In our offer you will find jacks of various types of power supply:

- battery operating system

- external electrical operating system 220V or 400V

- pneumatic operating system

Righetti product range is very large and there is no way to mention everything, which is why we invite you to visit our website and contact us for more information.




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