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ISO-Chemie GmbH
Röntgenstrasse 12
D-7343 Aalen, Germany

Telephone: +4915142612977
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Iso Chemie Tape Seals Ground Breaking New Housing Project

Developed to provide people with rapid, effective and affordable housing, TAM is also one of the most environmentally friendly building systems in Europe.


ISO-Chemie Showcases Passivhaus Sealants at Ecobuild

A multi-purpose foam tape, ISO-BLOCO ONE enables rapid sealing of windows from inside the building during construction, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems.


ISO-Chemie seals three Passivhaus Certificates

The product was tested against various comfort criteria and classified as Passivhaus efficiency class phB, reflecting its outstanding energy efficiency values.


ISO-Chemie's high rise sealing solution for London flats

High performance foam tape from ISO-CHEMIE will provide improved sealing of dozens of new windows being installed as part of a multi-million pound residential refurbishment project in South London...


Building facades: smoking joints

While a building façade should offer some degree of eye-catching appeal, its main purpose is to provide weather protection, and a safe and comfortable interior. If this is to be achieved and long-term...


Size options for ISO-Chemie's ISO-TOP WINFRAMER

ISO CHEMIE’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system of the rapid and effective installation of windows, is now available in varying sizes from 80mm to 200mm...


Building sealing specialist ISO-Chemie celebrates 40th birthday

Building sealing specialist ISO-Chemie celebrates 40th birthday...


RAL quality mark awarded for classic joint sealing tape

ISO-Chemie’s classic joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO 600 has joined the ranks of RAL quality-assured sealing products after being awarded the RAL quality mark for joint sealing components and...


ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD COMPLETE & COMPLETE DUO - Window Sealing Foils that Stick Even in the Cold

The revolutionary thing about the new installation-friendly special foils from German manufacturer ISO-Chemie is that they can even be processed at sub-zero temperatures of down to -10 degrees...