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Nowa Wieś, ul. Kopalniana 9
42-262 Poczesna

Telephone: +48 34 327 50 69
Fax: +48 34 327 58 01


PRESS GLASS constructs another factory

The facility will expand the potential to service manufacturers of window and door joinery in Poland and other countries in Northern and Western Europe.


PRESS GLASS saved 750 tons of natural resources

The company has managed to save a total of 753 tons of natural resources and reduce emission of greenhouse gases by 139 tons within the programme so far.


Renovation of Oslo wharf - Barcode complex

The Barcode complex consists of 12 glazed, multi-storey buildings of different heights – they are narrow and when seen from the right perspective, they look like a barcode.


G2A Arena – harmonious representation of spherical shapes made of flat glass elements

G2A Arena is a multifunctional and modern facility, in a location easy to reach by any means of transport.


Revitalisation of 25 Charterhouse SQ in London using glass from PRESS GLASS

The renovation involved refreshing the facade and reorganising the arrangement of rooms inside the building


114 acoustic glazed units in the Press Glass offer

The range of PRESS GLASS glazed units now includes a new triple-glazed acoustic insulation unit with the following structure: 12,8T (VSG 66.2T)/16Ar/4/16Ar/27,8T P8B, which has been tested for acoustic insulation.


Purchasing 100% of the share capital of the Glass Dynamics Inc.

On the 16th of August the Press Glass NA Inc., sister company of Press Glass SA, purchased 100% of the share capital of the Glass Dynamics Inc., located in the North Carolina, USA.


New museum in Gdansk – glazed modernity and timeless message

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland, is a place of a historic journey in time to the period of experience of the difficult war times, presented from the perspective of civilians and soldiers of European nations...


New acoustic glass units in the PRESS GLASS offer

Seven new acoustic glass units have been added to the PRESS GLASS offer. It means the product range has been extended to include glass units with the following Rw parameters: 40, 41, 43, 45, 46 and...


Hala Koszyki – exceptional revitalisation using glazed units

A unique combination of the history of Warsaw and modernity – this is the best description of Hala Koszyki, which has been thoroughly revitalised recently and is among the most amazing places...


Ronald McDonald’s house with PRESS GLASS panes

Ronald McDonald’s House is a free hotel for parents of ill children which has been operating in Poland for over a year now. PRESS GLASS was one of the companies that committed to the...


100 ways to tackle noise by PRESS GLASS

Acoustic tests commissioned by PRESS GLASS are an integral part of our customer support operations. Recently, the company added 5 new acoustic glazed units to its product offering, with...


An acquisition of two factories of the Pilkington group and Cervoglass in the United Kingdom

PRESS GLASS SA announces that its daughter company PRESS GLASS UK Limited has acquired in the United Kingdom two Pilkington group factories and their order book. Those factories have been...


New warm edge spacer bars in the PRESS GLASS range

PRESS GLASS has recently announced that three new products had been added to the warm edge spacer bar range...


The Q22 skyscraper with glass innovations

The Q22 is a pointing building with glass façades made of PRESS GLASS IGUs. Over 25,000 m² of IGUs were used to complete the project. The façade construction involved a breakthrough...


10 new acoustic glazed units in the PRESS GLASS offer

PRESS GLASS now provides its customers with as much as 98 various acoustic glazed units with Rw coefficient in the range of 31 to 52 dB...


New PRESS GLASS Company Standard

PRESS GLASS has published a new version of its Company Standard. The manufacturer of glass for building explains that the latest, sixth revision of the document is a response to the updated...


Certified bullet-proof glazed units PRESS GLASS

The quality of bullet-proof glazed units manufactured by PRESS GLASS has been confirmed with the certificate issued by the Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials...


PRESS GLASS configurator in a new version

PRESS GLASS has updated its solar control glass configurator supporting comparison and analysis of each glass types. As stated by the company specialised in glass production for construction...