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ISO-Chemie GmbH Modern Sealing Technology – essential on the construction site   ISO-Chemie one of Europe’s main producers of energy efficient and sustainable sealing solutions, has been developing, producing and distributing innovative sealing solutions for a wide range of different markets and purposes for more than 40 years.   The technical requirements for energy-efficient and long-term building seals are increasing all the time. ISO-Chemie’s innovative product solutions have a positive effect on the energy balance of buildings, at the same time promoting a healthy internal climate. Factors such as air-tightness, permanent movement, weather-resistance, emissions free, thermal and acoustic insulation as well as humidity and fire protection are important for building seals that comply with the various building regulations.   ISO-Chemie’s products comply with... read more

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ISO-Chemie tape has new low carbon homes sealed


ISO-Chemie tape has new low carbon homes sealed

The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability with a minimum resistance of 1000 Pascals (hurricane forces).

ISO-BLOCO ONE opens window to installation cost savings


ISO-BLOCO ONE opens window to installation cost savings

The self-adhesive tape enables installers to quickly and effectively seal windows from inside the building during the construction phase.

ISO CHEMIE'S has window and door sealing collared


ISO CHEMIE'S has window and door sealing collared

Product can be customised to specific applications – the fitter places the collar around the frame section in front of the wall before securely bonding it to the supporting wall or facade.


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Airtightness, insulation and weather protection all from a single source Our ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM provides the suitable sealing solution for many connection situations. Our quality-tested system products meet the stringent requirements of the EnEV and the recommendations of the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und...



The product range for extreme demands The product range for extreme demands facade joints are subject to extreme climatic and physical stresses. Heat, cold, rain, sun, wind and movement of building components are factors of influence which must be taken serious and which require the use of special jointing materials. Our ISO³-FACADE...



All-round protection for joints in lightweight metal construction Joints in lightweight metal constructions are exposed to numerous climate and mechanical stress factors. The perfectly matched product solutions in our ISOM-METAL BUILDING SEALING SYSTEM allow you to meet all physical requirements concerning thermal protection,...


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System udanego uszczelniania: ISO-BLOCO taśma wielofunkcyjna

Successful sealing has a system: ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE

What is a Multifunctional tape? Where can I use it? How does a RAL-fulfilled 3 level-sealing work? What do I need to note when installing the multifunctional tape? In our training clips we show you how to use the ISO-BLOCO MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE to seal joints of windows and doors securely, easily and in a time-saving way.

System udanego uszczelniania: ISO-TOP WINFRAMER

Successful sealing has a system: ISO-TOP WINFRAMER "TYPE 3"

How do I install the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMET "TYPE 3"? What do you need to bear in mind when cutting? Can I reuse remaining pieces? How does the fixing take place to the masonry? In our training clips you can see the full installation procedure of our IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMET "TYPE...

Uszczelnienie za pomocą wielofunkcyjnych taśm uszczelniających fugi

Sealing with multi-function joint sealing tapes

Amazingly fast and straightforward fitting ISO-BLOCO ONE is particularly suitable for the safe, straightforward and time-saving sealing of window and door connections. The tape is glued to the window frame in one single working step – that's it! Professional window sealing could not be easier, more reliable and less time-consuming. For more...